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Asteria Horizon – Controller Support Update

Hi Everyone! Controller support has been added to the playable demo of Asteria Horizon.  In testing, I found that Google Chrome best supports the use of a controller.  I’ve posted the controls below and they can also be found on the View Controls screen in the game.  As always I […]

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Asteria Horizon – 8/16 Updates

Hi everyone! Today we released a few more updates to the playable demo of Asteria Horizon! These updates include: New weapon upgrades Redesigned graphics Control adjustments Sound/Music updates …and other minor fixes Please check out the game and let us know in the form below what other updates you think […]

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Asteria Horizon – 8/11 Update

Hi Everyone! The playable demo has been updated to include Mission 2 as well as a ton of other updates/upgrades.  The boss mission is coming soon so please keep checking back for more updates and leave your feedback!   Thanks! -HMI

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Updates to Asteria Horizon!

Today a few updates were made and added to the playable demo.  We added a Survival Mode, a Leaderboard for the Survival Mode, bug fixes, and cosmetic fixes. Be sure to check out the new updates and let us know what you think! Click Here to play!

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